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Update by user Jul 21, 2018

Everything was settled.

Update by user Apr 30, 2017

Just started to receive promotional e-mails again yesterday.

Update by user Apr 22, 2017

I had another interaction with Shop Your Way today. This time I wanted to know why I was receiving my 1% back in "bonus" points (I'm a Shop Your Way MAX member), but not receiving my 1% back in "base" points.

I also wanted to know why I wasn't presented with $0.99 and $3.99 shipping options on my products. This is the answer I received: "Dear Jeramy, Thank you for contacting Shop Your Way regarding your account. We apologize for any confusion or concern you may be experiencing regarding your account. After a review of your account, we show that you redeemed 89,460 points on your 4/20/2017 Kmart purchase.

You will earn 1% back in points on qualifying spend, which is the amount of merchandise after discounts, after redemptions, but before taxes. You will not earn points on any portion of a purchase that you made with points per the terms and conditions of the program. Our records indicate that you are enrolled in the MAX Free Shipping option. Please be sure to log into your account at or as well as be logged into your account at the member website at when placing an order.

Not all items or purchase amounts are MAX eligible. Please be sure that you know who sells the item as those sites host marketplace vendors. Should you have any concerns with free shipping when placing an order, you may contact at 1-800-697-3277 or at 1-866-562-7848. Your current point balance is 166,454.

You may visit to view your current balance, account history, print membership card, customize your pin, print/load special offers and become familiar with terms and conditions. Once again, thank you for contacting us and being a Shop Your Way Bonus member. We value your business and look forward to serving you in the future." There is no explanation as to why I'm not getting my other 1% back in points nor does she even mention that I should be getting 2% back which is one of the main features of the Shop Your Way MAX program. Then, I'm not given any useful information about why I'm not seeing my discounted shipping options.

I swear they just ignore me. I was testing out the shipping and the 2% points issue by adding 5 generic Pepto-Bismols and 5 packages of aspirin to my cart. It was then that I seen I was only receiving 1% in bonus points (plus whatever other bonus point offers existed), but $0.00 in base points and the shipping... Haha.

To ship the 5 "Pink Bismuths" at an increased speed would be $9.99 for expedited and $12.99 for premium. As for the aspirin? That's $12.99 for expedited and $15.99 for premium. Keep in mind that all 10 products are in the same cart, all sold by Kmart and yet I would pay about 68 cents on the dollar just in premium shipping costs since that discounted rate of $3.99 isn't there.

I also don't understand why they are charging for shipping twice when I'd only be doing one order. If you go to you'll see on the chart that a benefit is "Free 2-day shipping on qualifying items sold by Sears and Kmart when your order is $30+". My total is at $42.90 and yes I can get the free shipping, but the estimated delivery date for both products is Friday, April 28th. I'm pretty sure that's more than two days.

The best part is that for the aspirin it actually says "FREE 2nd Day MAX Shipping", but still shows a delivery date 6 days away. Also, if they don't offer the discounted shipping rates anymore, why wasn't I told that?

Or if they do, why aren't I getting them? And if anyone is following this, I'm still not getting any promotional e-mails and I still didn't get my additional points.

Update by user Apr 20, 2017

Within my Shop Your Way account settings I found a little checkbox that wasn't​ checked. It said "Earn way more points by subscribing to emails.

[ ] Send Bonus Offers to my Email". Now I wouldn't have went in there and shut off my chances to earn "way more" points when I'm arguing about not receiving enough points. A Shop Your Way representative that I spoke to before the 400,000 points were issued suggested to unsubscribe from the e-mails if I was annoyed by them. -_- It was the e-mail after that when I received the first set of points since I went back and quoted the terms which said, in bold, ".

By joining the Program, you agree to receive promotional emails from the Program. You may opt-out from these promotional emails at any time, but by doing so, you will cease being eligible for offers for Email Members." I made it clear that I didn't want to unsubscribe from any e-mail offers yet somehow that box got unchecked. I started wondering about it since my account got "released" yesterday. It looked like my points weren't adding up correctly.

I checked it now and so far it's showing more points on purchases, but I'm not sure if it's the item I'm doing it on or of that checkbox instantly reinstates the "bonus" membership. Still waiting for those 250,000 points though.

Update by user Apr 19, 2017

Just called Shop Your Way to inquire about my points. Turns out my account was "frozen".

I figured it was something like that. After a 5 minute hold, my account got "released". I asked the representative why my account was frozen, but he didn't have a specific reason to give me.

I just tested the system and am now able to use my points again... So far..

Update by user Apr 18, 2017

I mentioned originally how I mysteriously stopped receiving promotional e-mails from the Sears family of stores. Well, I tried signing back up to no avail, but today when I went to (then I noticed something interesting.

The websites claimed I had $0 in points. Now in my last image you can see I should have $250.91 left in points. I went to test it by adding a couple of cans of SPAM into my Kmart cart. What I seen (and what you will see) is that the website is telling me: 1) I won't earn any points on this purchase.

2) I don't have any points available to redeem on this purchase. 3) I can't apply any Shop Your Way coupons. It's almost like I've been blocked or banned from Shop Your Way. Would they kick me out of the program for calling them out on their false advertising?

Who knows. Now I can still see my point amount on and apparently Sears representatives can too because I initiated a chat session to ask what was going on. I didn't really get an answer, but he confirmed my point amount. I'll just add this to the train of coincidences.

Up front is the missing e-mails now followed by the inability to use or earn Shop Your Way points and coupons online.

I did notice that on Sunday it was my 7th anniversary with SYW. They didn't even buy me flowers..

Original review posted by user Apr 16, 2017

So here's a story. Not about a lovely lady, but about Shop Your Way, the rewards program of Kmart and Sears.

A few weeks ago Uber started sending my dad e-mails saying that he was earning Shop Your Way points on his drives when, in fact, he wasn't getting any points. After about 3 weeks of the same e-mails, I made contact with Shop Your Way claiming false advertising because, as I later found out, existing Uber drivers in the Pittsburgh region don't earn points on drives, but since he was being sent e-mails directly to him about earning non-existing points it constituted false advertising. My first contact with Shop Your Way was on March 21st. After much back and forth of me explaining how it's false advertising they caved (or just wanted me to shut up) and on April 8th awarded me 400,000 points, worth $400.

However, since they put those points into my account there has been an amount of points worth 250,000, or $250, that has been "pending". Last Monday, April 10th, I called Shop Your Way to see if I would receive those "pending" points and after a brief hold I was told that I would receive that points, as confirmed by my online account, and that my grand total would reach 650,000 points, or $650. Well yesterday, April 15th, I wrote an e-mail to Shop Your Way telling that that it's been 7 days and I want my points. It was then that I was told that the additional 250,000 points only appear as a result of a "glitch" and that I'm not going to get those points.

So I tried again to call out the false advertising in showing me points in my account that they're not letting me have and got shut down with this response: "A review of your points history indicates that you have been manually awarded $400.00 in points for the Uber promotion, which is in addition to the points which automatically posted to your account. You have therefore reached the lifetime maximum award for the Uber promotion for which this adjustment was made. We are unable to add further points for this promotion. Regardless of any verbal error by a phone representative, or regardless of what the My Points page does or does not clarify, we do not find that any additional points are owed or forthcoming on your account.

We appreciate your understanding with this matter, and thank you for your feedback related to our website, and to the current Uber promotions." Well, that just pissed me off seeing how I have a screenshot of my "pending" points and I was told by one of their representatives that I would be receiving those points, but according to that representative that no matter what I do, I'm not getting any more points. I called Shop Your Way to speak to that representative's supervisor. That didn't benefit me either. I just kept rambling on about how I feel like I was lied to and I feel entitled to those points and she kept saying "Is there anything else I can help you with?".

I told her she could issue the points, but she just chooses not too. I'm pretty sure she just tuned me out. -_- She then started to explain how in the terms of the program it says that if there is an error that basically Shop Your Way wins and you lose, but how does that stop them from saying that everything not in their favor is an "error"? I don't like seeing something that I think I'm entitled to taken away.

Especially because of a "glitch". I figure my only options to see the rest of my points are 1) Extremely successful viral campaign. 2) Write letters to senior management. Or 3) Seek arbitration since apparently you waive your right to sue them by being a member.

I don't know. Yeah it's only $250, but it's $250. That's still a decent chunk of money that I feel should be mine, but SYW wants to define "pending" as posted and that just isn't right.

If anyone has any ideas, feel free to comment. Thanks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shop Your Way Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Issuance of the "pending" 250,000 "Shop Your Way" points..

I liked: That after 18 days i received my first 400000 points, Thought of having 650000 points, Feeling right about my claims of false advertising.

I didn't like: Having to fight for my first 400000 points, Feeling like my intelligence was being questioned, Being lied to about receiving points, Being cut off from sears brands promotional emails, We are right and you are wrong attitude.

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My account has been blocked from sweeps and placing orders online, they charge my card, take my points and dobt refund then cancel the order. In short, they actually have STOLEN from my credit card.

I call, get mad, and this rude littke jerk hangs up on me. Pretty sure hes the one in charge of online stuff. I wrote to corporate directly to complain, never heard *** back.

Id like to pursue a lawsuit but i dont have the financial means or knowhow to do so. This company is such immoral trash they deserve punishment and we deserve compensation.


The key to dealing with these people is post comments everywhere. Email everyone at the company.

Call every number they have, make them know you're no going away. Make sure they treat you right, and they can offer credits for the inconveniences they caused.

They did for me. But I won't be using them again after I get my stuff.

Suffolk, Virginia, United States #1316689

When you mention Sears or KMart my skin began to crawl. Trust nothing from them - they've been going out of business for years now.

to Anonymous #1316708

It seems that I can't trust them! I always loved the Kmart brand. I worked for both stores, but now it seems like they don't want me around them at all anymore.

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